casting vs. catching

Inland_cat_sailboatI read often about church leaders needing to cast vision. Many experts name this as the most important thing a leader does. All I can say to that is.


That is not what we see in Scripture. Moses’ didn’t cast the vision. The burning bush did. The early church didn’t cast the vision, they were slow to understand where the whole thing was going (outside Jerusalem and Judaism).

The Spirit has to cast the vision. We have to catch the vision together. Leaders lead the way in listening and learning how to catch what the Spirit is casting. You can bet that if we do the casting, what we cast will be worldly, flawed, sinful, with the seeds of its own failure baked right in.

Dear church leader, please stop casting vision and be content to listen to what the Spirit is whispering. Train everyone around you to listen too and together discern where the Holy Wind is blowing and which way to position the sails of your community.

One thought on “casting vs. catching

  1. This is a seriously great post.

    I really appreciate how you said to train others around you to listen, too. If absolutely nothing else, I think “vision casting” promotes the “congregation as observers” problem. If we’re waiting for everything of God to be dispensed down from the pastor, well, that’s sad. (And a few other things, but for the sake of brevity I’ll call it sad.) We’re not supposed to be baby birds. We’re all supposed to do the work of the kingdom.

    (Side note, for me the label “vision casting” is problematic in itself. Is the pastor a mystic? Are we gathering for a séance? That label just has a really high squick factor for me.)

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