Throughout 2013, I blogged through the Gospels, posting a brief passage and reflection every weekday. This page includes links to each of them (this is a work in progress).


Mark 1.1-15

Mark 1.16-28

Mark 1.29-45

Mark 2.1-12

Mark 2.13-28

Mark 3.1-19

Mark 3.20-35

Mark 4.1-20

Mark. 4.21-34

Mark 4.35-41

Mark 5.1-20

Mark 5.21-43

Mark 6.1-13

Mark 6.14-29

Mark 6.30-44

Mark 6.45-56

Mark 7.1-23

Mark 7.24-37

Mark 8.1-21

Mark 8.22-38




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