lost and dying us

Christians (especially Evangelicals) talk a lot about the “lost and dying world.” That’s a catchy phrase. But who does it name? And who does it leave out? Who isn’t lost? Who isn’t dying? I think we need to stop talking about the lost and dying world as if we’re talking about someone other than ourselves.

Jesus made himself the lost and the dying. He came and took place alongside us, joined us even in death, and yet he remained a member of the Trinity throughout. He had complete unity with God and at the same time complete solidarity with lost and dying humans.

What if his church adopted this same position? We are the people of God’s presence so we have unity with God (as much as is possible in this world). What if we also embraced radical solidarity with the lost and dying? What if we stopped thinking of Christians and non-Christians, members and outsiders, and joined with the lost and dying the way Jesus did? I think then we would reach them. I mean us. We would reach us.

Just a thought.