Need your support

Friends, I need your help:

I have been working on my Ph.D. for 7 years now. I have completed all the course work, the language requirements, the written and oral exams. I have completed a first draft of my dissertation, but it needs a thorough revision, about 6 weeks worth of steady work. I have put myself through this program with help only from my parents and Amy’s parents, who have been very generous. Now I am at the final juncture and I need help to finish. My school bill for the year is just shy of $10,000. I also need additional support to give me time to revise the dissertation. (Right now I am working 4 different jobs which leaves me no time to work on this.) The church I pastor wants to help me get this done, but this is beyond what our budget and resources can handle. We’re a small church and I have worked hard not to be a burden on it. I can’t allow the church to suffer for my benefit. But, the church can offer tax-deductible donation status to anyone who can help. If you can help me, please donate to the church’s Paypal account: