When faith is sin

“There is as little praise of man on the basis of his faith as on that of his works. For there is as little justification of man ‘by’ – that is to say by means of – the faith produced by him, by his treading the way of faith, by his achievements of the emotions and thoughts and acts of faith, by his whole consciousness of faith and life of faith, as there is a justification ‘by’ any other works. Faith is not at all the supreme and true and finally successful form of self-justification. If it tried to be this, if man tried to believe with this purpose and intention and claim, then even if his faith was not a ‘dead’ faith, even if it was a most ‘hearty’ faith, even if it was a fiduciary faith most active in love, it would be the supreme and most proper form of his sin as the sin of pride.” Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics IV/1, 617.

(Because you need more Barth in your life.)