pray without guilt

Do you ever feel guilty for asking for things when you pray? Me too. But I wonder why we feel this way? My young sons comes up to me all the time with requests: “I need a snack,” “Play with me,” “I want to watch a show,” and not once do they exhibit the slightest bit of guilt. The majority of what they say to me seems to be them asking me for something that only benefits them. My joy comes in providing what they need (or want). Maybe things are more like this between us and God than we realize. Maybe we’re so used to quid pro quo being a basic characteristic of most adult relationships that we forget how unashamed we used to be in asking for everything from those who cared for us.

We can pray without guilt. We can ask for what we need. We can ask for what we want. I have to go now. Someone’s asking for waffles.