We must decolonize the Gospel

The only viable path forward for the church in America begins with decolonizing the gospel. This is work we must do. But it is also work that is beyond what we can do.  

We must progress beyond the narrative of Euro-American imperialism, conquest and assimilation via Christian missions — and move forward as prophetic advocates seeking guidance from our very present Creator made known among us in Jesus, who is the Christ. — Richard Twiss, Rescuing the Gospel from the Cowboys, p.46

As we listen, the Spirit guides us:

  • in building unity by enabling us to trust both the Spirit and each other
  • in expanding freedom by growing hope in us for each other
  • in creating real equality by filling us with love for each other across all human divisions. 

Colonization is marked by mistrust, hopelessness, and lovelessness. It always  divides, enslaves, and tyrannizes. These are anathema to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the continuing mission of his Holy Spirit. Only a most superficial, perverse version of the Christian faith can continue in such a milieu without becoming a community of prophetic advocates such as Twiss called for. That is what we must become. That is work only the Spirit can do through us. And that is work the Spirit will only do through us

the kingdom of god breaks hierarchy

Whenever the kingdom of God breaks in, there is a leveling of all hierarchies. This should make sense to us. When the kingdom comes in that means the King is having his way and we’re all shown to be equally subjects (and not little kings). Not long after though, what has happened every time so far is that some little would-be kings have found ways to bring the old hierarchies back in. I have to hope they didn’t understand that they were choosing the world over the kingdom of God in the process. But there it is. We can’t sit on our own little thrones and have the kingdom of God break in. Those little thrones are the first thing to break when the kingdom breaks in. We live in between the times because the kingdom of God keeps breaking in and our leaders keep pushing it out again.