Don’t worry don’t judge

Jesus ordered his followers not to worry and not to judge others. We find every excuse in the world to worry and judge anyway. But that’s the only basis for either — lame excuses. And that’s the only source — the world’s way of thinking. Kingdom people don’t make excuses. Kingdom thinking doesn’t worry and it doesn’t judge. We trust Jesus with all that the world worries about and all it judges. 

Kingdom = equality

Paul said: “In Christ, there is no male and female, no Jew or Gentile, no slave or free.” In the kingdom of God, all human hierarchies are completely set aside. So much so, that Jesus washed his disciples’ feet to demonstrate that the highest leaders in the kingdom of God regard themselves as servants. We are called by Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring in the kingdom, which means to work for complete equality in all things. Inequality will be with us until the end, when the kingdom of God comes in its fullness. But that is no excuse to passively accept it. When we make excuses for inequality, we are defending sin. Or worse, when we try to argue that inequality is biblical and/or part of God’s design, we are fighting against the kingdom of God and misusing the Gospel to teach the opposite of what Jesus taught and modeled. John calls that the spirit of antichrist. We have to be on the side of full equality to be true to the Gospel.