Paracletic approach part 2

It is difficult to do ministry in this paraclectic approach (here part 1 explains what this means) because the primary thing you have to do is give up control to the Holy Spirit, to embrace not only the changing situations but the changing of where, how, and when the wind of the Spirit blows. Jesus said the Spirit blows where the Spirit wills and this is outside our ability to predict or control. This can feel insecure to us, like we don’t know what’s going on. What the Spirit is doing sometimes goes against what we have known to be true. But what we cling to for security, even our understanding of “rightly divided” Scriptures, often become blockages to the move of the Spirit (and entrenched failures to understand Scripture). The Spirit is the Paraclete on Whom all our ministry depends, after Whom all our efforts must be modeled. And here’s where it gets tricky. The Spirit does not control. The Spirit empowers, enables, encourages. The Spirit comes alongside and advises, advocates, and comforts. That’s the only way we can lead and minister to others and still be true to the mission of the Spirit, the good news of Jesus, and the heart of the Father. Any step toward control is a step away from the Gospel. We have to yield control to the Spirit who refuses to control and then learn from the Spirit how to work without control. 

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