Send these kids to camp

  Our church may be small (75 people) but we’re sending 17 kids to youth camp this. Camp Vineyard outside Atlanta is a great experience. The cost is $300 per kid and I need your help covering the cost for kids who can’t afford that. We needed $2400 but I put the word out on Facebook yesterday and raised $400 right away. We still need $2000. I will update this post as we get more donations. 

You can donate by going to our church’s website, and clicking Donate (upper right corner). I could use a service like Gofundme (you may know Amy and I have a campaign there now) but I’m trying to avoid the fees. Please help me send these kids to camp.  

Update 1 (6/4/15 4:10pm edt): another $150 has come in so far today. $1850 to go. 

Update 2 (6/4/15 5:51pm edt): another $200 just came in. $1650 to go. 

Update 3 (6/5/15 8:23am edt): woke up to $50 given overnight by a Vineyard person on the West Coast. $1600 remains. I trust God and I trust God’s people. Let’s get this done.

Update 4 (6/9/15 7:18am edt): $25 came in yesterday. Small gifts are good. Enough of those and we’ll have it. 

Update 5 (6/10/15 8:03am edt): Another $500 has come in. $1075 remains. We will be selling cookies and coffee and busking tomorrow evening in downtown Wake Forest. Come toss some coins in my guitar case. 

Update 6 (6/12/15 1:03pm edt): Two more donations came into today totaling $75. That leaves an even $1000 to go. I’ll update again after the busking and bake sale tonight. 

Update 7 (6/13/15 8:52am edt): We raised $287 last night selling baked goods at Art After Hours in downtown Wake Forest. Our youth did live pottery and painting demonstrations. And we played music (though sadly, no one threw any money in my open guitar case). We are $713 away from what we have to raise to send these kids to camp. Help us out. We’ve got some bags of fresh roasted coffee left from last night. $12/pound. All that goes to the camp fund too. Here’s a picture someone took yesterday:


I keep posting on social media how much we need, sometimes in terms of how many kids. Right now we’re at 2.4 kids to go. Found out yesterday that our youth have nicknamed the fractional kid “Jimmy.”  I’m telling you, these youth are some smart and funny people.

Update 8 (6/13/15 3:00pm edt): A very generous person gave $150 to the cause this afternoon. $563 – or 1.9 Jimmies – to go. We are so grateful.

Update 9 (6/13/15 9:53pm edt): I trust God and I trust God’s people. And yet I never cease to be awed by the goodness of God and the generosity of God’s people. A dear saint just sponsored a whole kid to camp. And another person generously gave $50. I am fighting back tears. 0.7 of Jimmy is all we have left to go. 🙂

Update 10 (6/14/15 7:05pm edt): $160 was donated after church today by two of the sweetest women I know. That has us right at our goal (provided my math is good, which it usually is). Thanks again to everyone who gave.