AM Radio: The Wrap Around Dress

AM Radio Cover ArtOn this episode we talk about rolling with unfortunate and unexpected events, being in a relationship with a grad student, sermon prep on xaris and Abraham, finding a spiritual director, and dealing with denominations. Here are some links:

Our Gofundme page – help support our ministry

My recent essay for Vineyard Justice Network: NURTURING RECONCILIATION: BHM – We Need A Civil Reconciliation Movem

24 Struggles You’ll Only Understand If You’re Dating A PhD Student


AM Radio: We Are So In Love

AM Radio Cover ArtOn this episode, we go more into the psychological and philosophical foundation of our parenting style, we share about a fun exercise we did for Valentine’s Day, and we begin talking about our experience of making it through grad school as a family. Here are some links for things we talk about in this show:

Our Gofundme page

Dan Siegel’s The Whole Brain Child

Videos by Dr. Siegel

New York Times essay on 36 questions for falling in love

Research article behind the 36 questions

Amy’s new favorite politician, FL Congressman Alcee Hastings (starts at 4:30)

Karl Barth’s Deliverance to the Captives (book of sermons)

Milo’s Facebook page