practical heresy

Theoretical truth is no protection against practical heresy. Our doctrines and teachings inform our practices. They help us determine what our practices should be. And our practices inform our doctrines and teachings. They tell us what our doctrines actually are.

We read in the Bible about a God who communicates with people and actively moves to transform lives through healing, deliverance, miracles, and prophetic words. Jesus – in all his words and deeds – reveals to us the perfection and fullness of God. That’s our doctrine. If we think that is true, then we should live like that. If Jesus did those things, then Jesus still does those things. Or at least he wants to do them through us. Too often, our practice shows that we believe in a disinterested, un-involved, unloving God.

We should try by all means to live like we really believe what we claim to believe. This mean overcoming the disconnect between what we claim to be true and what our actions show about what we actually hold as true.