Monday meditations: 2 Sam. 22.30

“For by you I can run against a troop,
and by my God I can leap over a wall.”
(also found in Psalm 18)

My (nearly) two year old son Isaac has a new game he’s been playing a lot with me over the past week. He climbs on the couch, stands up, then hurls himself off, and I catch him. Sometimes he dives right at me, then when he gets bored with that he tries to make it hard for me, jumping sideways, rolling, flipping, faking one way then jumping another, etc. He laughs and cackles the whole time. It’s a lot of fun but also a bit nerve wracking for me – he comes off the couch fast and at bad angles.

Yesterday as we were playing the couch jumping game, Amy drew my attention to the fact he has complete confidence that I am going to catch him. He has no fear, no shadow of a doubt. He believes he can come off that couch in any way he can contrive and I am going to be able to handle however he has thrown himself at me.

As I thought about Isaac’s complete confidence in me this verse came to mind. It is just this sort of reckless confidence in Yahweh that David had. He confronted the giant, ran fearlessly into battle, worshipped, danced, and led his people with unwavering trust that God would not let him or Israel fall. He took risks – often life-endangering ones – because he knew God would always catch him.

Do you have that sort of confidence in the Father? Do I? Reflect on the outrageous claim David is making here and jump off the couch (pun sort of intended) into the arms of the Father. Jump into that dream you’ve been dreaming, jump into the Lord’s calling on your life, jump into what the Spirit has been nudging you to do.