Book review: Max Lucado’s Fearless

Perhaps inspired by the Grammy winning album by Taylor Swift, Max Lucado has written a book with the same title. Yet in reading it, you come to see that unlike Ms. Swift’s call to live without fear, Lucado is willing to settle for the more pedestrian goal of fearing less. Like all Lucado’s books, Fear Less (as the title should be typed imo) is well written and contains many great stories told well. From these stories the reader can gain insight and encouragement for overcoming the many fears that inundate our everyday lives. More encouragement than insight I would say, as the book has less reflection on the stories and on conquering fear than I would like. If you are looking for a more concise, direct approach to conquering fear (or one without religious trappings), Seth Godin is another author to read (I especially like The Dip). This book really only covers basic everyday fears well imo. If you are facing a truly terrifying situation (e.g., cancer, incarceration) I don’t think you will find much in this book to help you. It is good at what it does, but it treads lightly on a subject that is a deep abyss.