Do you know where your ethic is?

Everyone operates based on some set of ethical principles. Most often there are a number of sources for this: your upbringing, your culture, your church, your job, your personal preferences, what you read, what you watch and listen to, who your friends are, etc. I know people like to say that their ethic is based solely on the word of God but this not usually true (how many of us have sold all our possessions and given them to the poor?). The truth is, what we read in the word of God informs and influences our ethic, and it often takes the stance of seeking to overcome some of the other influences I just named. It is important for us to recognize two things:

1. what our ethic is right now

2. what we think it ought to be

We have to be really honest with ourselves to make that first recognition and we can only begin to move toward inplementing the second to the extent that we have honestly assessed the first. So how about it, do you know where your ethic is?

One thought on “Do you know where your ethic is?

  1. As always, this is a great thought provoking blogpost. I think for many of us our code of ethics is locked in some box with stale air and no light, shriveled up, pale, and puny. The box is different for every person. Thanks for reminding us (me) to consider where our ethics come from and what state they’re in. Great job.

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