God makes treasure out of our junk

I was just thinking about all the letters Paul wrote in the NT. He was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write these letters and they have proved so very useful to the church down through the centuries. I am always amazed when I think about this, because often, Paul was dashing off a letter to deal with a bad situation (like in Corinth), or correct false teaching (like in Galatians), or deal with a tricky personal issue (like in Philemon). The Holy Spirit anointed his responses to those crises – so it is a very good thing for us that those churches had to deal with those issues! Of course, we know God often works this way – redeeming the results of our own sin or someone else’s sin for our benefit and theirs. God is so cool – the way he makes treasure out of our junk is one of his coolest traits of all.

What junk have you got that God can transform into treasure?

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