Pillars of cloud and fire


When the Lord tells me to go somewhere, do something, or say something, I tend to want to know why, what the end result will be and how things are going to play out. But the Lord hardly ever gives me all the info I’m wanting.

What he does give me is his presence – the Holy Spirit guiding me continually, as long as I’m paying attention to the pillars of cloud and fire in my life.

But I guess I’m still stuck where Adam and Eve were: looking for knowledge so I can do it myself, while the Lord is offering his presence because (pardon the southernism) Lord knows I can’t do it myself. Lord knows his way is better.

Think about this: if the burning bush morphs into a flat screen tv and gives Moses a look at what’s coming over the next 40 years, do you think he goes to Egypt? Maybe not. That was an awful lot of wandering around and putting up with whiners for a long time. But he would have missed those face-to-face chats with God and would not have been… well, Moses.

How about you? Are you content to follow the pillars of God’s presence around (even when it seems aimless)? Or are you yearning for knowledge that might enable you to do it on your own, or have more control of things, or have a better handle on the situation – or any other way we want to phrase the desire we fallen humans have to be anything but radically dependent on God’s presence and grace at every moment?

Yeah, me too.

What do you say we put down the fruit that is not good for us and stick to a manna diet?