you want fries with that?

Hello there. Happy New Year. I am so grateful for everyone who has read my blog entries over the past year. It was quite a lot of work and rewarding to hear that it touched so many of you. I am taking a short break from the blog for three reasons:

  1. Prepping for the spring semester
  2. Get a book ready for publication (!!!)
  3. Gathering ideas

That third one is important for what happens in this space this year. I can tell a lot from which posts resonated the most in the past. And, of course, I am guided by my training, what I’m best at and most able to speak into. But I would also like to hear from you. Would you take a minute to tell me what you would like more of from me this year? I have created a little poll to make it easy. I would also really appreciate your comments (either in the “other” poll option or as a comment to this post – click the round comment button at the top left).

Thanks again for reading and giving helpful feedback. I will resume regular posting starting Feb. 1.

Btw, I have a good feeling about 2014. Let’s make it great.